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Food and tourism are often considered complementary aspects when dealing with local promotion and marketing except when related to topics of development and promotion of innovative business. Agribusiness and tourism areas are economical key activities for territories though they are still considered traditional sectors with little innovative potential. Actually, they represent two areas where innovation is crucial to encourage management improvement and competitiveness of small to medium business.

This is why ADRIAINCUBATOR has been created. It is a virtual incubator for small to medium business of the Adriatic area, and it was conceived within the Adria Footouring project. Adria footouring is an IPA European project that involved 11 partners coming from different international areas such as: Italy (Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna and Veneto), Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia. Adria Incubator aims to encourage competitiveness and innovation of business that operate in tourism and agri-food areas.

It is a virtual place that aims to spread a new culture of innovation whilst offering instruments and information necessary for Adriatic business and territory when starting an innovative process in tourism and agri-food fields.

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