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Food and tourism are often considered complementary aspects when dealing with local promotion and marketing except when related to topics of development and promotion of innovative business. Agribusiness and tourism areas are economical key activities for territories though they are still considered traditional sectors with little innovative potential. Actually, they represent two areas where innovation is crucial to encourage management improvement and competitiveness of small to medium business.

Adriaincubator offers information and facilities support useful for entrepreneurs and start ups when committed in an innovative process of their activity. Adria incubator service offers:

  • Literature made up of texts and documents that go in depth when defining the idea of tourism and agri-food innovation TOURISM AND AGRI-FOOD INNOVATION
  • A glossary of the innovation and a portfolio of good practices and successful business stories that illustrate the advantages of innovating. TOURISM AND AGRI-FOOD INNOVATION
  • Information about financing, training opportunities and soft-landing services and transnational support useful to gain access to credit lines when searching for new markets and partners within the Adriatic area (Italy - Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna and Veneto -  Bosnia Hrzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia). INNOVATION TOOL
  • Expertise advice about innovation topics. INNOVATION TOOL
  • Information about the IPA ADRIATIC area (Italy - Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna and Veneto  – Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia) organizations that support small to medium business and startups involved in innovations Information about COMMUNITY

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