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Food and tourism are often considered complementary aspects when dealing with local promotion and marketing except when related to topics of development and promotion of innovative business. Agribusiness and tourism areas are economical key activities for territories though they are still considered traditional sectors with little innovative potential. Actually, they represent two areas where innovation is crucial to encourage management improvement and competitiveness of small to medium business.

Adria Incubator is a virtual space designed for new born and existing small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the tourism and agri-food area. The incubator aims to offer assistance and provide useful information in order to encourage and promote the development and realization of innovative ideas. AdriaFootouring Home page

Adria Incubator’s target are all those people that require answer to crucial questioning about innovation such as:

  • What is the meaning of tourism and agribusiness innovation?
  • What are the reasons and advantages of starting an innovative process?
  • What are the opportunities and organizations that support SMEs and startups when innovating?
  • How to start an innovative or internationalization process?

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