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To start a profitable innovative process it is necessary to bear in mind the meaning of tourism and agri-food innovation, to know the constitutive elements and the tools required.

In this part, it is possible to go through and examine a broad collection of papers written by agribusiness and tourism expertise where the innovation topic is clearly outlined. They provide an extensive glossary and selection of best practices and successful business stories where the advantages of innovating are clearly demonstrated.

To Know and to identify areas in which innovation occurs Tourism is essential in order to put in place strategies, actions and resources for the effective achievement of the benefits from the introduction of the innovation itself. Tourism product is the result of a plurality of private and public subjects (arranged in chains or clusters) that interact to each other and that thanks to the interaction allow to determine the supply. The following maps try to synthetize the most relevant clusters of tourism innovation on the base of two principal variables:

  • The type of innovation (market, product, marketing, managerial)
  • The field (structure or system)

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The innovative agricultural system consists of a set of actors involved in knowledge and in diffusion of innovation that compose the "ecosystem" innovation-friendly. It is crucial that farms and research institutions, banks, transformation and distribution companies and public administrations create synergies and exploit all available public resources. When discussing agro-food innovation, inevitably it refers to technological progress, the quality of production and enhancement of products.

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